Ideas for Promoting Your Supplier Business Locally

Starting a business is a challenging process that can yield many rewards when managed successfully. It starts with a plan, a vision that the entrepreneur has about their future. Careful research is necessary to plot a course of action to help the business take off and continue growing. Few businesses succeed without robust promotion activities … Continue Reading →

The Great Migration: Everything You Must Know to Enjoy it

On this great classic adventure, you’ll experience all the wonders of the great migration as you explore East Africa. You’ll witness millions of animals make the trek from the Serengeti to the Masai Mara. There is no denying that this magical spectacle is one of the most popular on people’s travel itineraries, and with good … Continue Reading →

Does the American Healthcare System Favor the Rich & Poor?

The Affordable Care Act was designed to reduce the cost of health insurance coverage for people who qualify for subsidies. The numerous reforms included reducing inequality by expanding Medicaid and subsidizing low- and moderate-income families’ purchase of health insurance. The tax credits are available to individuals whose net income is somewhere between 100% and 400% … Continue Reading →

Ethical Hunting Basics That Newbies Must Know About

Ethical hunting involves knowing and respecting the game hunted by following the set laws and behavior to satisfy what the society expects of the hunter. Most ethical hunters are familiar with the places they hunt, the wildlife that lives there, and how they should carry themselves when hunting. Therefore, the perception that hunting is ungracious … Continue Reading →

How to Plan for Rising Healthcare Costs in Retirement

Quote: “One of the most common mistakes I see people make with their Medicare is thinking that it’s free. It isn’t free. And many private Medicare plans cost more than traditional Medicare, not less,” exclaims David Bynon, founder at and author of Why Medicare Advantage Plans are Bad. His assertion that private Medicare plans … Continue Reading →

Daimler Expands Detroit Assurance Safety Systems

Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) is introducing three new safety features to the Detroit Assurance Suite that bring more automation in terms of speed control and braking. The developments coincided with preliminary 2020 NHTSA collision statistics showing a 2% decrease in truck-related fatalities following years of increasing rates. What stands out the most from the … Continue Reading →