So says Lansing: Pure Michigan and 'job incentives' come before road fixes

This is why we can’t have nice roads. It’s not just that it costs money to maintain Michigan’s roads. It costs money to maintain every state’s roads. But once other constituencies are used to getting the money, you can never re-direct it to fix the roads without said constituencies shrieking. And if there’s one thing … Continue Reading →

World Famous Street Artist in the D

If you’ve been downtown recently you may have seen the giant mural going up on the side of One Campus Martius. The former Compuware Building has become a canvas for world-renowned street artist Shepard Fairey. Most well known for his 2008 Barack Obama “Hope” poster, he’s currently on a 9-day residency in Detroit and is … Continue Reading →

Standardized testing should have no part in teacher evaluations

I understand what Senate Republicans are trying to do when they pass a bill linking student performance in standardized testing to teacher evaluations. According to a bill passed on Tuesday (still to be reconciled with what the House is doing), Michigan teachers would see 25 percent of their evaluation tied to standardized test performances, and … Continue Reading →

Double your pepper yields (or more) this year

If you’ve never had much luck growing peppers, you can vastly improve your pepper yield by doing a bit of extra work now before the plants go into the garden. The secret is to use plastic mulch. In the past I’ve experimented with several colors of plastic mulch: clear, black, red, blue and silver. All … Continue Reading →