Try, try again

Friends: We have chosen a new day and time to pray at 13600 Van Dyke for wisdom and guidance. We’ll meet at the front of the church Sunday at 2 p.m. Immediately afterward, we’ll convene elsewhere (directions will be given at the church) to discuss our thoughts and feelings in the aftermath of our group … Continue Reading →

Snowed out

Friends: It looks like the weather WILL NOT cooperate with Friday’s plan to meet at the church at 4 p.m. to pray. For now, please — wherever you’re at tomorrow at 4, even if you’re out shoveling snow — spend a few minutes asking the Lord for wisdom and guidance on what the future holds … Continue Reading →

Taking inventory of seeds

Seed catalogs have been showing up in our mailbox since before the beginning of the new year. Most of the catalogs that we regularly order from have arrived. We’re still getting a few duplicates and reminders from impatient seed sellers and some catalogs from new outfits. I’d rather go to mailbox and see what catalog … Continue Reading →

A new mission

Maybe you know me, maybe you don’t. I really don’t matter in this matter. You might remember about what happened a decade ago: a reunion and an interfaith service at 13600 Van Dyke that brought Shield of Faith and Holy Name together in hopes of a neighborhood revival. I will always call it a miracle … Continue Reading →

A local interpretation of Groundhog Day

Growing up in a rural area of southern Michigan, I had a chance to absorb a lot of our local farm culture. Back then, there were plenty of old-timers who, in their younger days, had farmed their acreage with teams of horses. Those gray-haired farmers had plenty of advice and time-worn proverbs to pass along. One … Continue Reading →

Start your own gourmet onions from seed early

Onions are a staple in our kitchen and I’m guessing are in yours too. While homegrown vegetables are always the best, it’s especially true with onions. Those little onion bulbs, called sets, that you find in the garden center were grown last year from an onion variety selected for good storage characteristics, not flavor. I … Continue Reading →