Garden cover crops undergo changes during winter

We’ve all heard that old expression, ” It’s like watching grass grow”. Well, that’s kind of what this blog post is about. No, wait, that’s exactly what this post is about.┬áNot to worry though, I’ve done all the boring work by watching that grass grow for you. So there’s no need to click away from … Continue Reading →

Greenery is in for 2017

The folks who help drive popular culture have finally acknowledged what gardeners have known all along, green is the color of the year for 2017. Actually green has been the color of the year every year for gardeners. More specifically, for non-gardeners, this year the color is Pantone “Greenery 15-0343”, a very specific shade of … Continue Reading →

Ways insecticides work

Winter is a time of planning for gardeners. I decided during the deep, dark days of the dead of winter to take inventory of my fertilizers and pesticides. That got me thinking about some of the different insecticides and how they work. Chemical insecticides have been around a long time. Fortunately, modern chemistry has eliminated … Continue Reading →

Minimizing sticky residue on overwintering plants

With Christmas and other hectic, holiday happenings , now may not seem like the best time to check those plants you brought inside for winter but it should be done soon. When potted plants live outside during the summer, they become susceptible to infestations of all kinds of insects. Usually, if they are in reasonably … Continue Reading →

Overwintering hardy potted plants outdoors

Just about every year, going into winter, I have perennials or other potted plants left over from the growing season that never got planted for one reason or another. I usually have plans for them so I like to keep them over winter. It’s a good idea to keep plants out as long as possible … Continue Reading →

Excellent rye growth in the garden this fall

Our mild autumn temperatures have accelerated the growth of fall-planted, over-wintering, cover crops. Back in October I wrote about planting cereal rye as a cover crop in my garden. Since then the crop has germinated and made excellent progress toward establishing itself. When rye seed germinates, it emerges out of the soil as a single … Continue Reading →