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As others see us

Detroit has been a focal point for the entire country for many years. Unfortunately, the majority of the coverage was incredibly negative, focusing on Detroit’s bankruptcy, crime, and other problems.

We’re starting to see that trend reversed, as coverage in major newspapers and media outlets looks for the positive energy and creativity coming from our city.

The New York Times recently did a great, short video about Detroit’s “industrial chic” fashion style, highlighting the Eastern Market area.

Architectural Digest covered Detroit’s Shinola factory, touting the company’s “Spirit of Detroit” ad campaign.

And Chase Bank’s CEO Jamie Dimon appeared on the Today Show to signal their serious investment in Detroit’s revitalization is not simply a PR stunt.

DVoice will continue to share coverage of Detroit from outside the city, so check back often for our “As others see us” series.

Kaitlyn Buss
Kaitlyn Buss is editorial page writer for The Detroit News. Prior to joining the News, she lived in Washington, D.C., where she worked in public relations, opinion writing, and ran communications for an association of state legislators. She's a native of Metro Detroit. Follow her @KaitlynBuss.