Watch and Vote: Harlan VII, A Love Story Shot in a Bathroom

Recently my company, creative agency Detroit Lives!, was asked by mobile telephony behemoth Nokia to create a short film shot exclusively on their new smart phone, the Lumia Icon.  Not being accustomed to really shooting anything on a smart phone, we did what anyone would do and wrote a love story to take place exclusively in a bathroom.

Ladies and gentleman, meet Harlan Ruddecksplainer VII. Harlan is a lifelong bathroom attendant, fifth-generation in fact.  In the face of flatulation and loud-mouth jerks, he maintains his post with impeccable composure.  But what happens when the ladies room across the hall gets a cute new attendant?  Without the luxury of a “bathroom break,” Harlan must get crafty with his approach.  And how does he fare?  Well, you’ll have to watch the film, shot exclusively in the bathroom of the Detroit Film Theatre:

All of this is being done for a national campaign put on by Nokia in promotion of the phone. Four other directors created shorts of their own, and the film with the highest number of votes by Friday, June 20th is crowned the winner. Vote for Detroit Lives! via Facebook by clicking here, if you feel so inclined.  You can vote once a day until the contest ends. We’d love your help and support in representing the Midwest.

Vote Harlan

Philip Lauri
Philip Lauri is the Creative Director of Detroit Lives! LLC, a social brand and creative studio specializing in film production. With experience in sourcing and creative marketing for firms in Chicago and Portland, Philip returned to hometown Detroit in 2008 to start DL!. When not tackling client work and DL! projects, he’ll take every chance to jump a plane to Colombia or sit on the couch with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.