Eastern Market, not just fruits and vegetables

Growing up in a suburb of DC, I was spoiled by an abundance of shopping options: big box mega stores, oversized malls, retail chains – all with about as much originality as, well, a strip mall. Lacking in personality, shopping was more about convenience and less about individual style and uniqueness (and based on the DC uniform of khakis and polos, I’m not sure it was much about style either).sunday_market_6

It wasn’t until I moved to Detroit that I began to appreciate the hard work and dedication of a diverse array of independent store owners. Owners who not only know the origins of each item in their shop, but also treat their customers like friends. In a city that may lack some of the traditional convenience in its shopping, it makes up for in one-of-a-kind finds and a unique consumer experience.

sunday_market_4After 8 years in the city, I still relish the chance to find new retail options and now, thanks to the Eastern Market, shopping just got a whole lot easier. The Motor City’s favorite foodie destination has expanded its services to include arts and crafts with its Sunday Street Market.sunday_market

Offering everything from Michigan-made products, antiques, jewelry, clothing and home goods, the Eastern Market is now a one stop shopping destination within the city limits. An entrepreneurial haven, the Street Market allows a community of creators to share their distinctive goods while also allowing costumers the chance learn the creative process and history behind each item sold. All under one stylish roof.sunday_market_2

Now you can enjoy both convenience and unique products every Sunday from 10am-4pm until September 28th.

Dana Frost
Dana Frost chased a boy to Detroit in 2006 and has since fallen equally in love with the D. After working for several media outlets throughout the city, she now writes on all things style at The Closet Confessional. As Detroit revitalizes, she believes the little things like beauty, whimsy and good taste are as vital as a pair of well heeled shoes. You can learn more about Dana and how she’s curating fashion in Detroit - one stylish outfit at a time - at The Closet Confessional. Follow her @DanaFrost.