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Challenges change in a wink

L to R: Tatiana Grant, Tracey Garley, Lauren Stovall

Wink City is a newly launched apparel line that showcases Detroit-eqsue images, while capturing the “wink” of photographer’s camera lens. I was honored to have been asked by my best friend to model her new line of t-shirts, called Wink City, for an upcoming competition.

I am an amateur, but was definitely up for the task to support. I then discovered that the competition was part of Detroit’s 3-1-3 birthday celebration in Campus Martius. I was so excited to be able to actually participate IN the festivities! My girlfriend and I strutted on stage wearing shirts with “Spirit of Detroit” and the Joe Louis fist, inspired images. Shortly after, it was announced that Wink City’s Joe Louis sweatshirt won the competition.

This was such a proud moment for me, not only because Wink won, but because it was such a proud moment for my girlfriend. It’s so great to see vision come to reality, and get re-assurement when it’s more than just friends who think it’s good. Her hobby of photography, paired with her passion and love of Detroit, have now sparked this new venture.


Wink City is a photography-inspired apparel line with nods to famous landmarks around the city of Detroit, that was started by Anika Jackson, a Detroiter with an immense love and passion for the city. The line aims to showcase the beauty and majesty of landscapes and notable structures around the Detroit area. The wearable art component allows for Wink City to share these famous architectural gems in a contemporary fashion. Wink City embraces the quote “great hearts can only be made by great troubles” as it speaks to the strength of those who persevere in the face of daunting and challenging circumstances. Detroit has seen its share of challenges but in a wink, things can change.

Go to: www.winkcity.com to check out the shirts!

Winkcity Sweatshirt

Tatiana Grant
Tatiana Grant is president of Infused PR & Events, and co-owner of Flash Delivery. Infused PR & Events offers premier public relations and event planning services to celebrities, small businesses, non-profits and corporations. A self-proclaimed "foodie", Tatiana decided to turn an idea into reality after realizing she needed dinner delivered to her. After some research, she discovered this could turn into a viable business venture. The concept of Flash Delivery was born. Flash Delivery is a restaurant and grocery delivery service, focused on downtown Detroit. Tatiana enjoys spending time with her friends and family, and taking weekend trips to various cities. More importantly, she enjoys food... fine dining, fast food, slow food, whatever kind of food.