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#Westillcomin buzz demonstrates Detroit flavor: So Detroit

When I initially scrolled through my timeline and noticed the photo above, I couldn’t help but to laugh uncontrollably. It was not a far-fetched notion to see such a bold declaration from fellow Detroiters. However, when reading the Washington Post the next day, I was met with an even better version of the story – the truth…

The incorrect published text that started the “#westillcomin” buzz

You see, the original post that caused such a social frenzy portrays a humorous accident. The post would lead you to believe that it is next to impossible that these two seemingly opposite groups would ever intentionally snap a photo together. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the bride and groom were adamant about correcting this presumptuous idea.

The newlyweds, along with their wedding party, ventured to the old Michigan Central Station in Corktown to take post-wedding photos, and upon their arrival, witnessed the filming of a rap video.  In true celebratory fashion, the rap artists clapped and congratulated the couple.  Rather than just observing, the groups wedding photographer, Adam Sparkes, suggested the wedding party participate as “extras” in the rap video.

Here’s the link to the Washington Post article, with the correct  story.

It is evident when viewing the YouTube video that everyone had a great time.  I saw numerous comments from people saying the “real” story was so much better than the imagined story that was so quickly represented as fact.  The factual account was so refreshing given the underlying socioeconomic and racial division that exists in our city. There are moments we want to herald as representative of the way things should be- and this is one of those moments. Throughout my travels and interactions, I’m always reminded of the unique Detroit “flavor” that exists within our city limits (metro-Detroiters included). I’ve coined this flavor “So Detroit” and I see it as a moniker to describe that common thread that links us despite more obvious differences. This “So Detroit” thread was further observed at Detroit’s 313th birthday. Individuals of all races, ages and employment status’ sang, danced and ‘hustled’ in Campus Martius.

There’s so much beauty in being “So Detroit” and to let go, interact, and experience a dose of fun in a city that, despite it all, truly helps to define who we are. Whether it is a couple on their wedding day joining a music video shoot produced in front of a dilapidated building that hasn’t been operational in over 25 years or dancing and partying with complete strangers in celebration of our city, there is an energy and spirit we can all agree on.  Nike has “Just Do It”, Drake has “YOLO” (You Only Live Once) and this is ‘So Detroit.’

Tatiana Grant
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