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For Detroit, blizzards, floods, and whatever's next

Detroit is a tough city. Its industrial backbone, diverse origins and geographical location have created a community capable of dealing with whatever comes its way.

This week’s flood was no exception. The city’s weather has been unpredictable for the entire year — beginning with epic snowstorms in the winter, a cool, cloudy July, and then torrential, once-in-a-lifetime rainstorms.

This flood picture above, courtesy of ABC News, really stood out as an image of how resilient the region is.

There are still the better part of four months left in the year. What those will bring weather-wise, we don’t know. But we know we’ll make it through.

(Stay tuned to The Detroit News online for latest on road closures and other flood-related updates.)

Kaitlyn Buss
Kaitlyn Buss is editorial page writer for The Detroit News. Prior to joining the News, she lived in Washington, D.C., where she worked in public relations, opinion writing, and ran communications for an association of state legislators. She's a native of Metro Detroit. Follow her @KaitlynBuss.