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14 reasons I live in Detroit (Part 1 of 5)

I get asked all the time: Why would you want to live Detroit? As a lifelong Detroiter (yes, the city of Detroit; yes, my entire life), I have heard that question so many times (usually with a very incredulous tone) that it actually led me to create a nonprofit that would help people better understand Detroit. I’ve read many articles over the years about people who have left the city, who are thinking about leaving the city and most recently, who loved growing up here but would never move back. Many of those articles make the assumption that no one would “choose” to live in Detroit.

To be sure, Detroit faces daunting challenges and suffers from what sometimes seem like insurmountable problems, and I don’t judge anybody for leaving if that’s what was right for them. I also realize that my life isn’t indicative of every resident’s life, however, I love living in Detroit and have no plans to leave. I am not living here to make a point. I am not living here to be some sort of martyr or savior. I live here because I have an amazing quality of life that I don’t think is available anywhere else. You might be asking yourself, “Is she serious?” The answer is, yes…and here are some of reasons.

1. Bars & Restaurants
There are over 150 bars and restaurants in the one sq. mi. of downtown and over 275 in the 7.2 sq. mi. of greater downtown. That’s everything from Cuban food to German food, jazz to techno, martini bars to sports bars and everything in between. Plus new places are literally opening every week. Some of my favorites are the Anchor Bar, City WingsCafe Al Karar, Exodos Rooftop and Colors Restaurant. (See the a checklist of all of them here.)

2. Sports
Comerica Park, Ford Field and Joe Louis Arena are within that same one sq. mi. Many cities have sports stadiums, but rarely are they so close together and pedestrian friendly. Not to mention the awesomeness that is the Detroit Derby Girls and Detroit City Futbol Club who also play their games nearby.

To be continued later this week…

Jeanette Pierce
Jeanette Pierce is Executive Director at Detroit Experience Factory, an organization that helps locals and newcomers get connected to the city. A life-long Detroiter who grew up in the Morningside neighborhood, Jeanette founded Inside Detroit, a nonprofit that used tours and experiences to educate locals and visitors about Detroit’s history, culture and community. It later merged with D:hive to expand offerings and other resources related to real estate, jobs, important city data, retail options, small business and more. Jeanette was honored by Crain’s Detroit Business as one of the Top Twenty in their 20’s in 2007, was awarded the Shining Light Future Leader Award from the Detroit Free Press in 2010, and the Detroit Young Professionals Vanguard Award in 2011. Follow her @JeanettePierce.