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Green Garage: Building Detroit's sustainable future

Since opening in 2011, the Green Garage’s principal work has been forming a diverse, supportive, and accountable co-working co-working community and helping triple bottom-line businesses grow naturally.


An old showroom for Model-T based vehicles, Green Garage is located at 4444 Second Avenue.IMG_8982

Green Garage has transformed this once forgotten passage into a beautifully manicured landscape  full of naturally growing wildflowers and foliage.


Walkway leading to Motor City Brewing, a great place to grab a local pint and some of the best personalized pizza in town.


Helping revive the mid-town area, connecting a path to Wayne State University Towers.

IMG_9019 Mason Keberly and Wayne enjoying the comforts of a colorful fall day.

Russ Keberly
Russ Keberly is a Language Arts teacher and yearbook advisor at Holmes Middle School in Livonia. A proud graduate of Wayne State University, Russ frequents the downtown area taking part in the many events and activities associated with Detroit’s rebirth. In his spare time he manages his family business, Keberly Photography. Follow him @rkebs.