Are you better now than four years ago?

This is a question I have been asked over and over again during this political campaign season. For me, the answer is yes! In all aspects of my life, specifically financial, mental, physical health, and spiritual well-being. As an entrepreneur, my businesses have received rapid growth and broad expansion; my network and exposure have allowed me to build relationships with some really diverse and dynamic people. However, my family has instilled the belief-system to not take my Blessings and successes for granted but to use them to Bless others. This belief has had me torn this election.

Over the past few weeks, I have been asked who I am voting for. I have historically voted straight-ticket Democrat, more so out of laziness and lack of a desire to research the candidates. I recall being a college student at Eastern Michigan University, where I hand-painted “Obama 08” shirts to wear around campus, which I still have a wear. However this year, things are different. I am more mature, “aware”, and conscious, which caused me to empower myself to do my own research.

I am still weighing the pros and cons of each Gubernatorial candidate as well as the other offices, and will make a decision by Tuesday. What’s making this vote count differently for me is: 1. It won’t be straight ticket, 2. I’m proud of myself for truly exercising my right to vote by not going into the booth ignorant, 3. I have a spiritual “peace” over it. I prayed for the State of Michigan and City of Detroit, that whatever officials are elected are the best for our state.

So, regardless of past voting decisions, I recommend that we all truly exercise our right by empowering ourselves to “know” our vote, its implications, and not just make a decision based on what we heard in an ad, interview, or debate. I know that my vote is bigger than me.

Tatiana Grant
Tatiana Grant is president of Infused PR & Events, and co-owner of Flash Delivery. Infused PR & Events offers premier public relations and event planning services to celebrities, small businesses, non-profits and corporations. A self-proclaimed "foodie", Tatiana decided to turn an idea into reality after realizing she needed dinner delivered to her. After some research, she discovered this could turn into a viable business venture. The concept of Flash Delivery was born. Flash Delivery is a restaurant and grocery delivery service, focused on downtown Detroit. Tatiana enjoys spending time with her friends and family, and taking weekend trips to various cities. More importantly, she enjoys food... fine dining, fast food, slow food, whatever kind of food.