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What's happening to Belle Isle?

Happy Monday! We thought we’d share this great little post on Belle Isle and its future from “The Toast.”

This former Detroiter, now New Yorker, takes her son to the island while they’re in town. Her experience is a refreshing look at Detroit’s past and its future, which might not include all the elements of diversity, culture and history we want it to.

“Belle Isle rests like a pendant charm where Lake St. Claire narrows into the Detroit River. Both banks widen as if to accommodate this island suspended within a subversion of our understanding of the world—the one place on the map where Canada, by curve of land, is south of the United States. Stand in the isle’s deciduous forest and you’re equidistant between two nations. But gaze from a Detroit high-rise and you see suggestion that the banks and island were once one, the way the land could snug together if pushed. You can imagine how humans, from the Pottowatami, to the Detroit city fathers, to families of all colors could hunger to own this beauty and believe that once claimed, it would always be theirs.

Let’s go, I say to my son after his summer camp finishes for the morning.” Read more here.

Kaitlyn Buss
Kaitlyn Buss is editorial page writer for The Detroit News. Prior to joining the News, she lived in Washington, D.C., where she worked in public relations, opinion writing, and ran communications for an association of state legislators. She's a native of Metro Detroit. Follow her @KaitlynBuss.