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Falafill fills up Midtown

Midtown’s Falafill offers great value to heath-minded individuals.  Detroiters can roll up their sleeves and get full off the Falafill experience…a Mediterranean from-scratch eatery…just think Chipotle for Mediterranean!  The franchise was named the “Best Falafel Sandwich in Chicago” by Chicago Magazine, and two local restaurateurs couldn’t resist the opportunity to bring the restaurant to Detroit.

Falafill features hand-rolled falafels, marinated quality meats, homemade pita breads and freshly prepared salads, dips and sauces.  My favorite…they don’t break the bank.  10580898_380479145458079_879542145196014193_o

Here’s the Falafill Story:

Native Detroit residents and siblings, Kassem Fardoun, former restaurant owner, and Maya Fardoun, a Detroit photographer for 15 years and the owner of the popular t-shirt line ‘Heart Detroit’, always dreamed of bringing Lebanese flavors and Arabian traditions they grew up with to the dining scene in their hometown.  After a trip to Chicago and a recommendation from a friend to dine at Falafill, which opened in the bustling Lakeview area in 2009, the Fardoun duo had finally found a restaurant that most resembled their family’s cooking. After connecting with Falafill owner and world-renowned chef, Maher Chebaro, the Fardouns and Chebaro were confident in introducing Falafill’s culinary philosophy and its beautiful flavors back home to Michigan.

“With Falafill’s modern take on traditional Middle Eastern food, we knew it would be the perfect restaurant to open in our hometown,” said Maya Fardoun. “Our family is thrilled to join the Detroit restaurant community again and offer diners a fresh taste of our culture.”

“Detroit is a great fit for Falafill as we continue with the expansion of our restaurants throughout the United States and beyond,” said Chebaro. “We are looking forward to a long-term relationship serving the Detroit community.”


 The best part is their menu…

Every ingredient that comes through Falafill’s kitchen is raw, allowing each menu item to be prepared from scratch and served fresh. Each dish is custom-made, as diners step up to the mezza bar to choose from an endless array of colorful salads, dips and spreads. From chickpea hummus to pickled turnips and cucumbers, whipped garlic and tahini sauces, quinoa tabboule and fried cauliflower, guests can add their favorite accompaniments to create a healthy masterpiece.


Diners can get their ‘fill’ in three options; build your own platter, mini pita, or wrap, with the choice of a protein – classic or curry falafel, marinated, grilled and hand-seasoned chicken, skirt steak or sujuk kufta meatballs. Then they pick any mezza of their choice (from basmati/ brown rice or cracked wheat pilaf, roasted vegetables, fried cauliflower to hummus, baba ghanough, minted cabbage and quinoa tabbouleh). The final touch will end with the home made sauces like zough (jalapeno-cilantro) or toum (whipped garlic) and a variety of pickles.

Other featured items on the menu are the not-to-be-missed house fries with lemon juice, crushed red pepper, paprika, cayenne and cilantro, feta truffles and made daily pita chips. Diners can also end their meal with the sweet Mediterranean pastry, baklava, for only $1. For the complete menu and pricing, go to

The Experience… 10845612_380478438791483_6389083164659044503_o

Diners can walk into the 20-seat, bright and welcoming restaurant and get comfortable at one of the booths or tables. Orders are taken at the open line, so hungry patrons can see the fresh-made options on the mezza bar for easy meal creations and topping selections.

For more information about Falafill, visit and follow @Falafill on Facebook, @FalafillDET on Twitter and Instagram using hashtags #FalafillDET and #myfill.


They also deliver, so you can get Falafill at your home or office!


Tatiana Grant
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