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Run away to Detroit and join the circus

At one point or another many have thought about it, right? Maybe not literally, but figuratively… A rough week of work, seemingly never-ending bad luck, feeling lost in life without any sense of direction or what comes next – oh heaven! The thought of running away to something new, somewhere new, or a career change might come to mind. Well, there’s some exciting news of late in Detroit and if you find yourself in that situation you might just be able to run away to 1570 Woodward Avenue downtown and join the circus!

Not just any circus though, Grand Circus. Have you heard of them? Awesome if so, no problem if not.

Grand Circus is a company seated in downtown Detroit that helps connect local Detroiters with businesses looking to hire talented in-demand candidates. How do they do this you might ask? Well, Grand Circus offers a variety of intensive bootcamps that teach people in-demand skills that eventually position them as valuable and necessary potential employees to local technology companies and tech related positions. Grand Circus takes the time to meet with local companies to learn what skills and positions are in need around downtown and metro Detroit, so they only offer bootcamps they’ve deemed to be valuable by the local business community.

Most of the bootcamps are about eight weeks long and include everything any Grand Circus enrollee needs to jumpstart their new tech career – networking opportunities, hard skills like coding HTML5, JavaScript, soft skills and career tips, as well as interaction with industry professionals who might be looking to hire.

So what’s the exciting news? Well, the White House recently announced a new program called TechHire which aims to become a multi-sector initiative that empowers Americans to learn the exact types of skills Grand Circus offers to train people for high-paying, in demand tech related careers. This nation-wide partnership will provide opportunities to Detroiters who want to train for these tech related jobs.

Right now Grand Circus is working with companies and the City of Detroit to identify and build these career paths regardless of previous education backgrounds. So say you’re an accountant looking for a change, or you work in hospitality or retail and want something different, this program could be for you! Bootcamp enrollees will be provided the necessary training to get into the workforce at a level commensurate with their previous employment and education, as well as the opportunity to improve and advance their skills. Help desk technicians can advance their skills to become software testers, or transition from software testers to a full-time developers. This program will lay out a clear path to a meaningful and local Detroit career.

Check out Grand Circus at to learn more.

Derrick Bollin
Derrick Bollin is a creative business consultant and City Manager of the Detroit Creative Circle office, a specialized staffing agency that represents advertising, marketing, and creative professionals for both freelance and full time opportunities. Prior to joining and getting Creative Circle up and running in Detroit, Derrick worked as a Brand Planner and Strategist at Team Detroit, a full-service advertising agency and AOR for Ford Motor Company. Derrick was born and raised in metro Detroit and currently resides in Pleasant Ridge. Follow him @derrickbollin.