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Marche du Nain Rouge

The Nain Rouge, French for the red dwarf or red gnome is a mythological creature, who according to urban lore first attacked Detroit settler Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac in 1701. After the attack a curse was placed on Cadillac, and ironically soon after the encounter Cadillac lost all his fortunes.  Some legends view the red imp as a protector of Detroit, however modern interpretations and circumstances fear the red devil as a harbinger of doom.


Crowds of all walks stormed Cass Corrider for The Marche du Nain Rouge as a vote of confidence to The Nain that Detroit will thrive again…

(Some photos are courtesy of Guest Photographer Ryan Keberly).


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Russ Keberly
Russ Keberly is a Language Arts teacher and yearbook advisor at Holmes Middle School in Livonia. A proud graduate of Wayne State University, Russ frequents the downtown area taking part in the many events and activities associated with Detroit’s rebirth. In his spare time he manages his family business, Keberly Photography. Follow him @rkebs.