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Powermoves @ Detroit

I received an email in February that a group was looking for minority-owned tech companies in Detroit for an upcoming tech boot camp. So naturally (owning tech start-up, Flash Delivery), I applied. I did some research and googled “Powermoves NOLA” to see if selected, what I would expect. I “understood” that I’d be competing in a contest for $20k, against start-ups from across the country.


Fast forward to March, the first day of Boot Camp. I logged into the virtual classroom and met my cohort members, who are start-up business owners across the country, as we introduced ourselves and our businesses. Over the next 5 weeks, we attended weekly classes where we edited and honed in on our business idea and pitch.

The program quickly expanded my mindset from thinking of Flash’ growth from just Michigan, to nationwide. I had to think like a “real” start-up owner. In the end, we made it through extensive training and development by some of the industry’s top thought leaders. Morgan Stanley, the presenting sponsor, brought in their top executives to speak and host an array of events and competitions. Detroit venues, entrepreneurs, and possibilities were showcased in the program.

In the end, Warranty Ninja (a Detroit-based start-up won $20,000), nationwide stakeholders became immersed in the D, and entrepreneurs (such as myself) further developed our businesses and pitches. My personal highlight was a member of my cohort, who’s from Detroit, stating that “he needs to come home.” After hearing my story and seeing everything that’s going on, he’s concluded that he expand his Chicago-based start-up to Detroit. Another member, in real estate, is now looking for projects to become involved with.

Powermoves’ CEO told me that he’s looking forward to continuing their work in Detroit, as he sees how much the people here care about where their from and want to see it do good. As we all know, that’s the Spirit of Detroit. I’m very happy to have been a part of yet another opportunity to for the Spirit to be contagious to others.

Tatiana Grant
Tatiana Grant is president of Infused PR & Events, and co-owner of Flash Delivery. Infused PR & Events offers premier public relations and event planning services to celebrities, small businesses, non-profits and corporations. A self-proclaimed "foodie", Tatiana decided to turn an idea into reality after realizing she needed dinner delivered to her. After some research, she discovered this could turn into a viable business venture. The concept of Flash Delivery was born. Flash Delivery is a restaurant and grocery delivery service, focused on downtown Detroit. Tatiana enjoys spending time with her friends and family, and taking weekend trips to various cities. More importantly, she enjoys food... fine dining, fast food, slow food, whatever kind of food.