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Food trucks (and more) have returned to Cadillac Square!

The Food trucks (and more) on Cadillac Square are back! If you work around Campus Martius, you can get lunch from one of the trucks (parked along the north side of the first national building) or concession stands in Cadillac Square Park between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. every weekday through mid-October . The food trucks and concession stands offer a variety of food types from American fare to Mexican, with the mixture of food trucks changing every week. The food trucks will be available on Cadillac Square through mid-October. The concession stands should be open until that time as well. Earlier this week, I visited the food trucks and concession stands for myself to see what all the fuss was about. I was pretty impressed with what I saw.

Food Trucks:

Rollin Stone
Owner: Jim Combs
Experience: 4th year with his truck
Type of Food: Authentic Italian Pizza
Most Popular Items: Margaria Pizza, Pile-up Pizza
Events: They cater
X-Facter: “I think what makes us unique is that you see what’s happening in front of you.” The oven in truck is imported from Italy.

Grillz on Wheelz
Owners: Nacara and Brian Goldsmith
Experience: 2nd year with the truck
Type of Food: Fried American Fare
Most Popular Items: Philly Steak Subs, Catfish Po’ boy, fresh-cut fries
Events: Farmers market in East Pointe
X-Factor: They prepare their food in the truck, but their buns come from Giuseppe’s Bakery in Eastpointe. They play music from their truck.

Concrete Cuisine
Owners: Jeff Aquiline and Justin Kava
Experience: 4th year in the truck, 39 combined years total culinary experience
Type of Food: Diverse offerings, menu is changed every two weeks
Most Popular Items: the Prince (Mediterranean Nachos) and Frickles (fried pickles)
Events: They cater
X-Factor: Their diverse menu, their speed, and their service. 39 years of combined culinary experience is nothing to sniff at.

Stockyard Detroit
Owner: Marc Bogoff
Experience: 2nd year with the truck, 14 years culinary experience
Type of Food: Different types of sandwiches, menu changes frequently
Most Popular Items: The Korean beef and pork shoulder sandwiches
Events: They cater
X-Factor: They do most of their prep work in the truck. They built their own truck.

Concession Stands:

Bowdler’s Concessions
Owner: Mike Bowdler Jr.
Experience: 4 or 5 years in Cadillac Square Park and 10 or 11 in food service.
Type of Food: Greek with American Fare
Most Popular Items: Gyros, Greek salad, fresh-squeezed lemonade
Events: Arts, Beats, and Eats. Detroit Grand Prix
X-Factor: “I’d rather cook the food in front of the people.”
Website: None
*Unlike the other food establishments in this post, Bowdler’s Concessions is open at 10 a.m., not 11 a.m.

Union Street Detroit
Owner: Ginger Barris
Experience: 1st year in Cadillac Square Park
Type of Food: Different types of fried foods
Most Popular: Deep-fried brussel sprouts and Martha’s Vineyard salad
Events: The concession stand is connected with Union Street restaurant in Midtown.
X-Factor: “We smoke our own brisket”
Website: None