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Empowering Youth in Detroit: Four Organizations Doing the Work

If we’ve heard it once we have heard it a hundred times, youth are the future of our communities, our cities and our country.  There are countless organizations working with youth each and every day to help them realize the future they envision for themselves and enable the youth to make it a reality. Here’s a list of just four of the amazing organizations working with youth in Detroit.

Detroit Impact Inc.: a youth center established to work with youth in our community to teach, mentor, guide, motivate and encourage.

Located on Detroit’s northwest side since 1991, Detroit Impact Inc. has a variety of youth programming, from their computer-learning center to the remote control car building class as well as academic support and creative writing.

Young Detroit Builders: striving to unleash the positive energy of young people an encourage them to rebuild their communities and their own lives.

Young Detroit Builders is a full-time, 10-month education and training program. The goals of this program are to provide education training, construction education and training, leadership and community service opportunities and provide counseling and support services.

LGBT Detroit: aims to increase awareness of and support to Detroit’s dynamic LGBT culture through education and advocacy with integrity and pride.

Located in Detroit’s Cass corridor LGBT Detroit offers a variety of programing, at no cost, to LGBT community. Their youth programing includes Youth Achieving Sustainability and Success (YASS), a social enterprise that seeks to help persons develop strategies for leadership.

Arts and Scraps: using recycled industrial scraps to help people of all ages and abilities think, create and learn.

Located on Detroit’s east side Arts and Scraps wants to help youth and people of all ages ignite their creativity and learn from their experience with art. With recycled materials they assist 3,300 community organizations and classrooms serving 275,000 children annually.  Look to Arts and Scraps for your next craft project, school field trip and volunteer opportunities.


These four organizations are just a glimpse into the hundreds of youth organization in Detroit that are putting in the work. Each of these organizations needs volunteers to help them reach their goals and you have the ability to make a difference. Get out there and volunteer, you never know what you’ll learn along the way.