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#UberIceCream Today in Detroit!

In the mood for some Detroit-inspired ice cream and don’t feel like getting up to get it yourself? Today, Uber has you covered. From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Uber will be be selling ice cream from the Detroit Pop Shop for $15 per delivery; you also have the option to split the order with friends using the fare split feature.

If you have the Uber app, all you have to do is set your location and slide the icon at the bottom of the screen over to “Ice Cream.”

Uber Ice Cream in Detroit

With each order, you get one of each of these flavors:

  • Vernors Detroit Cooler Pop: A new take on an old classic. These ice pops taste just like an old-fashioned Detroit ice cream soda
  • Faygo Red Pop Float: These delightful pink pops are made with the same Faygo Red Pop that has been bottled in Detroit since 1907
  • 8 Mile M&M Fudge Pop: Lose yourself in these fudge pops.

We ordered some ice cream here at DVoice and ice cream pops were delivered to us within five minutes! Delicious!

IMG_1608[1] IMG_1610[1]


You can order ice cream anywhere you can hire a ride through Uber in the Metro Detroit area. This Uber promotion is also occuring in a number of other cities worldwide, including Grand Rapids.