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Organically Recruiting Top Talent

Career Fairs and the ‘Best Workplace’ titles are becoming less relevant as job seekers are turning to more organic ways of discovering companies where they want to work. From word-of-mouth to social media presence, organic recruitment has become an authentic and effective form of drawing top talent to your company. The desire to know what’s behind the voice of Oz is more present today than ever. While job descriptions and applications are necessary, showing jobseekers your internal perspective of your company will attract the best-fitting candidates.

If you’re looking to organically recruit top talent, start here:

Host a contest. Holding a contest on social media channels can engage viral buzz in an authentic and shareable manner. The advertising agency Team Detroit hosted a 60 Seconds to SXSW contest for young creatives to create social cause videos for a chance to attend SXSW. Awareness of their agency rose as YouTube videos created for the contest were shared across social channels.

Know the power of a hashtag. Consider having a central hashtag your employees can use to brand and identify themselves in the social space. Beaucoup Bakeries uses its Instagram account and “#beaucrew” to recognize employees for achievements and showcase company culture through one cohesive, branded hashtag. This not only raises awareness of company culture, but also encourages employees to be vocal about why they love working at your company. In creating a hashtag, you’re creating a platform for your employees to tell their story.

Do good. It’s no secret these days that social responsibility is a deciding factor for many employees when searching for a job. Mission-aligned work like Gap Inc.’s Be What’s Possible campaign and Microsoft’s Corporate Citizenship commitment are strong examples of programs potential employees will weigh in their decision to work for your company. The goal of your corporate social responsibility program should be to truly better the world, and in doing so, you’ll find that talent will flock to your company.

When you have organic ways of making your name known, people listen. Authentic and positive reviews will attract like candidates who truly identify with the company culture. This leads to retention, engagement and ultimately more brand advocates for your company. If your company hasn’t implemented organic recruitment strategies, it’d be wise to start now.

Jazmyn Becker has a Bachelor of Arts in Business Marketing and Educational Studies, Public Policy from Illinois Wesleyan University and is currently a Fellow with Challenge Detroit, a leadership and development program.