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A New Online Platform For Michigan Entrepreneurs

When I first graduated out of college all I had was a lofty dream to be a writer, and some internships I checked off as experience. I then took my very first job at a startup ad agency and learned everything I could about the “startup world.” I was fascinated. I felt empowered. I wanted to learn more. I wanted to do it myself.

A couple years later I helped launch the blog with the aim to share stories of entrepreneurs and innovators across the state. In Detroit the opportunity has never been better to start your company, but we also help connect Detroiters to Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, and activity and stories in Lansing, too. We’ve met several hundred business owners all excited to start their company right here in Michigan.

Now this week we’ve launched a new platform to better help support and connect Michigan businesses. We’ve opened up our blog so that the community can share resources of their own such as events, jobs, classes, capital sources and more, and easily find what’s happening in their community and in their state.

We were born a state of makers. We’re also a state of growers, of all kinds of inventors and creators. We hope to see more great inventions come out of our state. Perhaps, many great new companies will be born right here in Detroit.

Check out the newly launched community platform and know that you can share your story of growth or innovation. We’re all here to help one another make a difference in this world. Sometimes it starts with just being pointed in the right direction. Won’t you join us?

Thank you to local startup Momentum who create our beautiful new home.