Kaitlyn Buss

Kaitlyn Buss

Kaitlyn Buss is editorial page writer for The Detroit News. Prior to joining the News, she lived in Washington, D.C., where she worked in public relations, opinion writing, and ran communications for an association of state legislators. She's a native of Metro Detroit. Follow her @KaitlynBuss.

Techonomy visits Detroit tomorrow

Anyone in Detroit involved in the tech scene, startups, or just generally curious about the intersection of business, politics, and everyday life should attend Techonomy tomorrow. Hosted at Wayne State University’s Community Arts Auditorium & McGregor Memorial Conference Center, this is the third year the conference is convening in Detroit. Speakers include locals like Alex … Continue Reading →

Ben Affleck boosts Detroit

Ben Affleck is giving Detroit some solid love this month. Fans of him and his wife Jennifer Garner no doubt are thrilled they’ve chosen to spend so much of their time in Metro Detroit while filming Batman v. Superman. Affleck also participated in the now-famous Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS. He sported a “Detroit City” … Continue Reading →

For Detroit, blizzards, floods, and whatever's next

Detroit is a tough city. Its industrial backbone, diverse origins and geographical location have created a community capable of dealing with whatever comes its way. This week’s flood was no exception. The city’s weather has been unpredictable for the entire year — beginning with epic snowstorms in the winter, a cool, cloudy July, and then … Continue Reading →

The Midwest's Hollywood

If you’re enjoying this beautiful Friday in the D, make sure you check out sets for the filming of Batman v. Superman. Crews were downtown outside the Detroit Courthouse Thursday, and there’s some leftover wreckage at Sixth and Abbott Streets today. Though other movies have been filmed in Detroit, this the largest production, with the … Continue Reading →

As others see us, 7.30

There’s been much national attention and coverage of Detroit’s water shut offs over the past month. One piece from the New York Times, “Detroit’s Drought of Democracy,” particularly stood out to us. It’s by a philosophy professor at Yale University, and discusses both the shut offs as well as the decision to install Emergency Manager … Continue Reading →

As others see us, 7.16

Several national outlets have covered various aspects of Detroit again this week. Many of you have probably already seen this New York Times Magazine piece – “The Post-Post-Apocalyptic Detroit” – which covers almost too many facets of Detroit for one article. There’s some good background on Dan Gilbert and his Detroit efforts, although the author … Continue Reading →

As others see us, July 8

This week, Politico Magazine features Gov. Rick Snyder and his strategy to create a legacy (and get reelected) by helping Detroit succeed. It’s interesting to have national coverage of the state’s political climate, particularly from the perspective that it’s deeply entwined with Detroit’s successful emergence from bankruptcy. And the New York Times is back this … Continue Reading →