Equipping mid-level talent to lead through a model grown in Detroit

Guest post by Graig Donnelly Detroit is building a national model for cultivating the next generation of urban and regional leaders. It’s called the Detroit Revitalization Fellows program and, to date, it has produced 48 ambitious doers who are stimulating progress in our civic, community and economic development landscape. Who are the Detroit Revitalization Fellows … Continue Reading →

As others see us, 10.15

Most talk about Detroit in national publications lately has been following the ins and outs of the bankruptcy trial. While the trial is important, we thought we’d throw up a few hits related to Detroit’s culture. The New York Times has been documenting Detroit’s food renaissance for the past year or more. It continues with … Continue Reading →

14 reasons I live in Detroit (part 4 of 5)

9. The Grocery Options Yes, the grocery options. You might have heard that Detroit doesn’t have grocery stores…well that’s simply not true. There are 100+ full-service grocery stores in Detroit including 5 within 3 miles of where I live and that doesn’t even count Eastern Market (the largest historic open-air market in the country). In … Continue Reading →

Jack Dorsey on Detroit, increasing startup access to capital

Detroit certainly faces challenges unique among big cities in the U.S., and even different from other industrial Midwest cities. But the increasing number of entrepreneurs seeking capital to grow their businesses – and having trouble doing so – is not unique to just Detroit, says Jack Dorsey, founder and CEO of Square Capital (and founder/chairman … Continue Reading →