The Naming Game

The naming of infrastructure is important to place-making but needs some guidelines if it is to be effective The naming of civic infrastructure is in the news of late Recent weeks have seen the announcement that the planned bridge between Detroit and the Canadian city of Windsor will be called the Gordie Howe International Bridge … Continue Reading →

Snyder ed takeover wrong for students

Governor Snyder moved control of low-performing schools from the direction of the State School Board to a budgetary department, which is directly under his own control. The School Board has responded, claiming the move by the governor violates Michigan’s Constitution. As an educator, it is unnerving to think of why a former accountant feels he … Continue Reading →

Uniting two Detroits

Policy conferences can be a little… er… boring. But the Detroit Regional Chamber’s Policy Conference is a bit more enjoyable than most! This Thursday the conference will take place at Motor City Casino, and promises a solid lineup of speakers and topics. Our editorial page editor Nolan Finley will be moderating a panel based on a theme many … Continue Reading →