Ever wondered what happens on a tour of Bedrock properties?

In June 2011 Quicken Loans Chairman Dan Gilbert, asked Bruce Schwartz to become the ambassador for Bedrock Real Estate Services LLC, and now almost four years later, “Detroit Bruce” has become the consummate advocate from Bedrock as well as the city of Detroit. Schwartz brings energy and a substantial amount of interesting history as he showcases some of … Continue Reading →

Green Garage: Building Detroit's sustainable future

Since opening in 2011, the Green Garage’s principal work has been forming a diverse, supportive, and accountable co-working co-working community and helping triple bottom-line businesses grow naturally. An old showroom for Model-T based vehicles, Green Garage is located at 4444 Second Avenue. Green Garage has transformed this once forgotten passage into a beautifully manicured landscape  full … Continue Reading →

So many faces and facets of Detroit

Labor Day is over. September is in full swing. It is the time of year that excites just about everyone. First-day-of-school photos inundated social media for a few weeks. Fundraising events have kept our September calendars full. Arts and cultural seasons open in October. And Detroit sports fans have plenty of options for watching their favorite teams. But at the … Continue Reading →

Jack Dorsey on Detroit, increasing startup access to capital

Detroit certainly faces challenges unique among big cities in the U.S., and even different from other industrial Midwest cities. But the increasing number of entrepreneurs seeking capital to grow their businesses – and having trouble doing so – is not unique to just Detroit, says Jack Dorsey, founder and CEO of Square Capital (and founder/chairman … Continue Reading →