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Community benefits: Does everyone agree?

Detroit City Council is considering an ordinance that would require developer consultation with communities in exchange for large public subsidies for developments. What exactly is it and should they pass it? The ordinance On October 9, Detroit City Council’s Planning and Economic Development subcommittee discussed a resolution for an “Urban Development Agreements” ordinance. The ordinance … Continue Reading →

14 reasons I live in Detroit (part 4 of 5)

9. The Grocery Options Yes, the grocery options. You might have heard that Detroit doesn’t have grocery stores…well that’s simply not true. There are 100+ full-service grocery stores in Detroit including 5 within 3 miles of where I live and that doesn’t even count Eastern Market (the largest historic open-air market in the country). In … Continue Reading →

Green Garage: Building Detroit's sustainable future

Since opening in 2011, the Green Garage’s principal work has been forming a diverse, supportive, and accountable co-working co-working community and helping triple bottom-line businesses grow naturally. An old showroom for Model-T based vehicles, Green Garage is located at 4444 Second Avenue. Green Garage has transformed this once forgotten passage into a beautifully manicured landscape  full … Continue Reading →

Detroit's gardens bring us together

Detroit is becoming quite the hot spot for urban gardening and farming. Solutions for economic growth and neighborhood revitalization in the city range from planting 15,000 trees in blighted, abandoned neighborhoods, to starting up small, community-centered CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture). Living in D.C., CSAs were available on every corner, but I never joined one. Maybe … Continue Reading →