Challenge Detroit

Three ways Detroit can shock the world

By:Ezekiel Harris The renaissance of a city that refuses to die. Here’s how Detroit can get its groove back. And what other major cities can learn. Detroit is much like other great cities across the globe – Paris, New York, Rome – it has a rich history of influencing millions by way of its products … Continue Reading →

Challenge Detroit Welcomes Fourth Year Fellows

After recruiting candidates, reviewing applications and hosting interviews, Challenge Detroit has selected 29 Fellows for our fourth year to live, work, place, give and lead in Detroit. We are excited for the leadership, talent and enthusiasm this class brings to our city! Challenge Detroit is a nonprofit social impact program that provides next-generation leaders the opportunity for employment … Continue Reading →

Innovative Ways to Address Detroit’s Health Disparities

Healthcare is a global issue that can draw people apart or bring them together. Here in Detroit and the metro area there are institutes that teach, train and employee our communities next generation of doctors, physicians assistants, nurses and other health care workers. These individuals learn how to diagnosis a patient, prescribe a method of … Continue Reading →

3 Impactful Approaches for Attracting Talent

Significant research shows organizations that adopt an impact focus can be more appealing to potential hires. This is especially true among millennials, where more than 50 percent say a company’s involvement in various causes influences whether or not they accept a job. In Detroit, we’re leveraging cross-collaboration between nonprofits, corporations and cultural institutions to attract … Continue Reading →

DXF Bar and Restaurant Checklist Challenge starts today!

Do you think you’ve been to every bar or restaurant downtown? Join the Detroit Experience Factory’s (DXF) Checklist Challenge and see what you’ve been missing! Starting today, DXF is bringing back the Checklist Challenge to inspire you to experience the 303 bars and restaurants on DXF’s Downtown Bars and Restaurants checklist (view and download the … Continue Reading →

An enriching partnership in Detroit

Challenge Detroit Fellows have the opportunity to work with some amazing host companies. These companies are thought leaders in their industries, they’re committed to philanthropic initiatives in Detroit and believe in the importance of attracting and retaining innovative, entrepreneurial thinkers. To shed some light on how our partnerships work and how grateful Challenge Detroit is … Continue Reading →

Music proves Detroit is "Structurally Sound"

Last Saturday night, the walls of Detroit’s Green Garage were reported to have been…singing. Or so it would seem to anyone walking along the “Green Alley” behind the Green Garage as the sun was setting. Upon further investigation, there is more to this story. The Green Garage is one of seven venues to have been featured so far … Continue Reading →

K12 Edtech and Detroit

By Miguel Davis  Amid the usual negative chatter around Detroit’s school system, folks are often surprised to hear that Detroit is consistently recognized as a breeding ground for innovative school models. Cornerstone Charter Schools, the Education Achievement Authority, Starr Detroit Academy, and Utica Community Schools are just a few examples of schools that have put … Continue Reading →

Five reasons to apply to Challenge Detroit

Challenge Detroit is now accepting applications for their fourth class of Fellows. Challenge Detroit provides applicants the opportunity to live, work, play, give, and lead in Detroit. The reasons for applying are endless, but here are the top five. Meaningful Impact Challenge Detroit is a nonstop learning experience, both professionally and personally. Through fulfilling philanthropy … Continue Reading →

Fresh food, jobs for Detroit's neighborhoods: RecoveryPark’s mission

By Annie Hakim, a Challenge Detroit Fellow working at RecoveryPark. Last September, I began my Challenge Detroit Fellowship and joined the incredibly talented and passionate team at my host company, RecoveryPark. In 2010, RecoveryPark launched not only to convert blighted land in the City of Detroit into urban agriculture and aquaculture businesses, but to spur … Continue Reading →