Detroit's Revitalization Begins in the Streets

Two weeks ago today, under the banner of the People First Project, I led a group of volunteers to reclaim the parking space in front of Astro Coffee on Michigan Avenue and transform it into a public space. The parklet was an immediate hit and instantly beloved by the community. Like most Detroiters, Corktown residents … Continue Reading →

Corktown Farmer's Market every Thursday

They say all politics is local. In Detroit, it seems most business is local too. There’s a great sense of pride in watching new ventures – for-profit or non-profit – spring up and succeed in this town. Often, it seems to be because the people behind these projects are neighbors, co-workers, friends of a friend, … Continue Reading →

As others see us, 8.5

In the past few years, Detroit has been getting a lot of good press as it rebounds from bankruptcy. So reading this article, which ranked Detroit as the United States’ worst large city to live in, was a bit of surprise for me. I guess in the midst of all of the city’s progress in … Continue Reading →

Downtown bar and restaurant challenge

As a lifelong Detroiter who has been living downtown for 11 years, I’ve found it amazing what you discover when you walk everywhere and get out of your routine, especially when it comes to places to eat and drink. There are new businesses that have just opened and older joints  that have been around for … Continue Reading →