Detroit's Revitalization Begins in the Streets

Two weeks ago today, under the banner of the People First Project, I led a group of volunteers to reclaim the parking space in front of Astro Coffee on Michigan Avenue and transform it into a public space. The parklet was an immediate hit and instantly beloved by the community. Like most Detroiters, Corktown residents … Continue Reading →

Three ways Detroit can shock the world

By:Ezekiel Harris The renaissance of a city that refuses to die. Here’s how Detroit can get its groove back. And what other major cities can learn. Detroit is much like other great cities across the globe – Paris, New York, Rome – it has a rich history of influencing millions by way of its products … Continue Reading →

A New Online Platform For Michigan Entrepreneurs

When I first graduated out of college all I had was a lofty dream to be a writer, and some internships I checked off as experience. I then took my very first job at a startup ad agency and learned everything I could about the “startup world.” I was fascinated. I felt empowered. I wanted … Continue Reading →

The Irrelevant Relevance of the Charles H. Wright Museum

I’ve watched Jessica Care Moore’s vision of a curated stage of black women rock ‘n’ rollers take the stage to give an incomparable performance that rivals anything I’ve ever seen, anywhere. The venue in the Wright allowed myself, along with 700 others the opportunity to be intimately involved in the amazing execution of this unique … Continue Reading →

Corktown Farmer's Market every Thursday

They say all politics is local. In Detroit, it seems most business is local too. There’s a great sense of pride in watching new ventures – for-profit or non-profit – spring up and succeed in this town. Often, it seems to be because the people behind these projects are neighbors, co-workers, friends of a friend, … Continue Reading →

As others see us, 8.5

In the past few years, Detroit has been getting a lot of good press as it rebounds from bankruptcy. So reading this article, which ranked Detroit as the United States’ worst large city to live in, was a bit of surprise for me. I guess in the midst of all of the city’s progress in … Continue Reading →

Five Events for Detroit Entrepreneurs in August

One of the best things you can do as an entrepreneur is network and learn from others. Starting a business is hard work and you can’t do everything on your own. Often an entrepreneur is trying to build a team, searching for customers, perfecting a product or service, and thinking about ways to grow. Luckily … Continue Reading →

GM event showcases Detroit for interns

General Motors hosted a scavenger hunt throughout Detroit to showcase the revitalization of Detroit to 29 of its interns last Thursday. Teams of two to three interns and a GM representative rode in a 2015 Chevrolet Malibu or Cruze vehicle and completed different tasks throughout the city to earn a previously specified number of points. … Continue Reading →

#UberIceCream Today in Detroit!

In the mood for some Detroit-inspired ice cream and don’t feel like getting up to get it yourself? Today, Uber has you covered. From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Uber will be be selling ice cream from the Detroit Pop Shop for $15 per delivery; you also have the option to split the order with … Continue Reading →