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WE Global – Leading Rust Belt Immigrant Innovation

Innovation. Entrepreneurship. Equity. Inclusion. Global cities. Future cities. Forward cities. Growth. Revitalization. Diversity. These are the buzzwords of today’s new economy, social innovation, and urban policy thinkers. Today, Rust Belt cities are quietly re-inventing themselves in ways that national media—as well as new economy, social innovation, and urban policy leaders—have largely missed. Last week, the … Continue Reading →

Fix the roads, but don't put schools at risk

A bill passed by the Michigan House named the Bolger Plan would phase out the current Michigan gas tax to a tax on the wholesale level instead. Part of the current gas tax goes toward funding schools and municipalities, which critics of the bill state funding would be cut. As reported by the Detroit News, … Continue Reading →

Detroit needs more immigrants

Every year when I celebrate the 4th of July, I pause to reflect upon my grandfather, Morris Tobocman, who came to the United States in the early 20th Century. He came for opportunity and for freedom.  As a Jew in Eastern Europe he had little formal education and little economic opportunity.  He saw America as … Continue Reading →