Three ways Detroit can shock the world

By:Ezekiel Harris The renaissance of a city that refuses to die. Here’s how Detroit can get its groove back. And what other major cities can learn. Detroit is much like other great cities across the globe – Paris, New York, Rome – it has a rich history of influencing millions by way of its products … Continue Reading →

A New Online Platform For Michigan Entrepreneurs

When I first graduated out of college all I had was a lofty dream to be a writer, and some internships I checked off as experience. I then took my very first job at a startup ad agency and learned everything I could about the “startup world.” I was fascinated. I felt empowered. I wanted … Continue Reading →

Building a More Diverse Entrepreneurial Community

When we talk about opportunity in Detroit, we need to make sure we’re talking about opportunity for everyone. This is at the core of our organization, Bamboo Detroit, and many of the growing organizations serving Detroit’s grassroot entrepreneurs. An entrepreneur can come in any form. It’s the coffee shop owner down the street, the repair … Continue Reading →