School reform should be led by teachers: Part 6

In the last part of this summer series, I figure that I would propose a perspective on the way forward. There are growing concerns of teacher shortages nationwide, and fears about how a shortage will impact the overall education of students. In Michigan, certain districts are encountering difficulty to find qualified candidates for specific subjects. … Continue Reading →

A New Online Platform For Michigan Entrepreneurs

When I first graduated out of college all I had was a lofty dream to be a writer, and some internships I checked off as experience. I then took my very first job at a startup ad agency and learned everything I could about the “startup world.” I was fascinated. I felt empowered. I wanted … Continue Reading →

Outsourcing and The Michigan Substitute Teacher Shortage: Part 4 of 6

Like many teachers, I substitute taught before I found a full time teaching position. I was a substitute teacher for about five years, two of which were as a building sub. When I graduated from college in 2008, the outsourcing of substitute teachers was in its early stages. This was in part to save schools … Continue Reading →