School reform should be led by teachers: Part 6

In the last part of this summer series, I figure that I would propose a perspective on the way forward. There are growing concerns of teacher shortages nationwide, and fears about how a shortage will impact the overall education of students. In Michigan, certain districts are encountering difficulty to find qualified candidates for specific subjects. … Continue Reading →

The Gender Family Wage Disparity Among Teachers: Part 5 of 6

While Netflix is receiving praise by announcing a full year of paid maternity or paternity leave, it should not be forgotten that many professions do not share anything close to this benefit. Many teachers in the surrounding Detroit Metro area do not receive this benefit because having a child does not grant access to the … Continue Reading →

Teacher Layoffs Should Worry Parents: Part 3 of 6

Layoffs are hitting more affluent districts like West Bloomfield, Utica and Farmington. Although call backs are always possible as the districts finalize their budgets, check fall enrollment, and consider re-assignments, it is a worry that schools, even in once stable areas, are now resorting to drastic measures to balance budgets. School boards overwhelmingly support their teachers and want … Continue Reading →

Yes, Low Teacher Pay is a Problem in Michigan: Part 2 of 6

One thing seems to be a constant when I speak with teachers from many districts. Salary steps are almost nonexistent as a consistent part the contract. Many teachers in traditional school districts, which typically have a collective bargaining contract, get paid on a salary schedule. It is designed to pay teachers more when they achieve … Continue Reading →

What's stressing our schools: 1st of a 6 part series

Policy and budget changes over the last few years in Michigan have left schools in a more stressful state than before. In this series I plan to lay out perspective of how these changes and other realities impact the quality of education for students. From outsourcing of staff, to unsustainable pay for new teachers, to … Continue Reading →

As a public school teacher, I choose to be in my union

Teacher unions have received their share of accusations just like any other unionized workforce. There has been a push this year to get more teachers to opt out of union membership, which had to be done in August. In my experience, I have seen teacher unions do more to aid in the education of students than … Continue Reading →