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Review: 'Resistance 3' high on action, tension

An engaging storyline, a well-paced mix of gameplay, a variety of enemies and a satisfying complement of weapons, the latest installment of the Resistance franchise is almost everything an FPS fan could ask for. Including a 700MB patch file.

The game series is set in a “what-if” version of the 1950s, where an alien invasion has brought humanity to the brink of extinction. In Resistance 3, the player takes on the mantle of Joe Capelli, part of the resistance underground movement that is trying to overthrow the oppressors. A weak spot has been identified in the alien’s network of control towers, and so the player guides Joe from the hide-out of Haven, Okla., towards New York City to destroy the stranglehold once and for all.

The graphics and sound design really bring the gameworld to life. Detail work here and there helps to fill out the environment and make Joe’s campaign to overthrow the Chimeran all the more immersive. The games weapons are varied and all have a satisfying feel when used. I think my favorite is the Atomizer, with its ability to toss out a gravity well that draws nearby enemies into it and vaporizes them in a coruscating shower of electricity.

Each weapon is upgradeable and becomes more powerful the more they are used. The Weapon Wheel is an easy and intuitive way to select your weapons on the run. Which is a good thing because you’re going to be using a lot, as the enemies swarm you from all sides and running-and-gunning is essential.

You’ll make your way to St. Louis, Mount Pleasant, Pa., and the outskirts of Philadelphia, and then on to New York City. Along the travels, you’ll encounter a world that feels lived-in and a variety of mission types that keep the action flowing and the tension levels high. Although, the Mount Pleasant portion felt like too much of a direct steal from the Ravenholm portion of Half-Life 2, in my opinion.

I have not partaken of the multiplayer aspect of Resistance 3 yet, so I cannot speak to that. I do have to admit that the practice of releasing a game with enough obvious bugs that it requires a 700MB patch file on release day really irritates me. That’s not right. As stated on their blog, “that’s not a patchfile, it’s a CD-ROM.”

If you’re looking for a tightly paced action shooter with a decent amount of variety to the enemies, tension brought on by the scarcity of ammunition, an engaging campaign and action that will have you on the edge of your seat at times, I would recommend Resistance 3. Just plan accordingly for the time it takes to download that patch file.