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Giveaway: Win one of five holiday DVDs

When I came in to work today, I jokingly said, “Happy Black Friday!”

To which my boss replied, “There’s nothing happy about it.”

So I said, “I’m happy I’m not out shopping right now!” Who wants to get pepper-sprayed or shot while out buying Christmas presents?

In fact, you can get some holiday DVD stocking-stuffers for free. How’s that for savings?

I’m going to make you work for it a bit, though. Over on our main site, I wrote an article today with dozens of new holiday DVDs out this year. And I’m giving five of them away. So head on over there for directions.

Happy Black Friday!

Eric Henrickson is a Detroit News copy editor who has also been writing about comic books, video games and anime for The News for more than 10 years. His favorite bit of geek cred so far: appearing in an online "Star Trek" fan series.