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Legendary D.C. artist Sheldon Moldoff dies at 91

Like many comic fans of a certain age, I knew the name Sheldon Moldoff as one of the most revered artists in comics even if I hadn’t actually read much of his work.

So it’s sad to report that he died last week at the age of 91.

Since in my early days of reading my uncle’s older comics I rarely looked at who wrote or drew them (hey, I was just a kid!), I probably have seen more of his art than I know, like his work on the “Adventure” and the Legion of Super-Heroes, where he created the Khunds with Jim Shooter, according to Newsarama.

So I encourage everyone to read Mark Evanier’s write-up on just how important and prolific an artist he was, from Flash to Green Lantern to Batman and countless others.

Farewell, Sheldon.

Eric Henrickson is a Detroit News copy editor who has also been writing about comic books, video games and anime for The News for more than 10 years. His favorite bit of geek cred so far: appearing in an online "Star Trek" fan series.