'Legend of Korra' release date, other Nickelodeon goodies

Lots of geeky interest came out of Nickelodeon’s upfront presentation, where networks present what they’ve got cooking to the TV press.

The big news is we finally have a release date, 11 a.m. EST April 14, for “The Legend of Korra,” a sequel series to the beloved “Avatar: The Last Airbender.” Nick’s description: “The series centers around a new Avatar named Korra, a 17-year-old headstrong and rebellious girl who continually challenges and bucks tradition on her quest to become a fully realized Avatar in a world where benders are under attack. ”

I have to say I, like many other fans, am terribly excited about this. I especially love that the fantasy world didn’t remain static. In the trailer, you see cars, microphones, cameras. It looks great.

But there were some other animated goodies announced (text from Nick):

— “Raving Rabbids,” which will join the net’s animation line-up in spring 2013, brings to television the hysterical physical comedy that has become so popular in Ubisoft’s “Raving Rabbids” video games. Nickelodeon has secured global broadcast rights for 26 new CG episodes of “Raving Rabbids,” which will be produced by Ubisoft.

— “Monsters vs. Aliens,” the all-new animated television series marking the third partnership between Nickelodeon and DreamWorks Animation. Green-lit for 26 episodes and based on the popular characters from the 2009 blockbuster hit feature film ($383 million worldwide gross); the new series will continue to follow the funny escapades of the beloved, well-meaning monsters.

— “Robot & Monster,” which will also be hitting Nickelodeon’s air for a 26-episode run for the 2012-2013 season.  Created by Josh Sternin, Jeff Ventimilia and Dave Pressler, this CG-animated buddy comedy is set in a unique world where gangs of Howling Cyber Monkeys roam the streets at night, everybody loves bacon, and robots and monsters live side by side, but typically don’t get along.

On the live-action front, “Supah Ninjas,” co-starring George Takei (“Star Trek”), will be back with new episodes.

We also get a series starring one of the most annoying human beings on the planet, Lucas Cruikshank (aka Fred), in “Marvin, Marvin,” a series about alien teen Marvin living with a human family.

And they’re actually doing another live-action “Fairly OddParents” movie, “A Fairly Odd Christmas.” The first one was cute in a campy way, but …

Eric Henrickson is a Detroit News copy editor who has also been writing about comic books, video games and anime for The News for more than 10 years. His favorite bit of geek cred so far: appearing in an online "Star Trek" fan series.