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Review: 'Ketzal's Corridors' provides addictive puzzle solving.

Ketzal’s Corridors brings to the 3DS a reason for me to stop playing Pushmo for awhile. Though I never thought it would happen.

The basic premise of KZ may sound simple, but there is an elegance to it that belies the simplicity. You control geometric blocks as they fly though variously shaped holes in an ever oncoming series of walls. You will rotate, flip and adjust the trajectory of the blocks to navigate your way through the openings.

The Aztec-themed graphics are well done and suit the gameplay perfectly. In a twist for me, who normally eschews the 3D effects on most of the 3DS offerings so far, the effect actually enhances the gameplay of Ketzal’s Corridors. It gives you a feel for just how much room you have to maneuver in as you attempt to line up your stone Guardian to fit perfectly through the opening in the on-rushing walls.


There are towers that you’ll need to make your way up by perfectly (and as quickly as possible) matching, rotating, flipping and moving your stone Guardian blocks into the shape needed to progress. There are levels where the action slowly speeds up until your character is flying down hallways at breakneck speeds, while you frantically try to match the required shapes to ensure passage through each of the walls that block your path.

While there is a story, don’t expect it to be particularly engrossing. The real draw to Ketzal’s Corridors is the puzzle gameplay and the depth of that gameplay. There’s almost 100 single-player levels, challenges and towers, and there’s an excellent multiplayer mode to allows you to share the 3DS with another player, or you can even play over a local network connection against other players.

Ketzal’s Corridors offers some inventive, and damned addictive, gameplay that has me coming back time and time again for more. If you enjoy puzzle gameplay, and a 3D effect that actually enchances gameplay instead of distracting from it, this game is well worth the purchase price on the Nintendo eShop for your 3DS!