Giveaway: Win San Diego Comic-Con Domo prize pack

I’ve got an almost love-hate thing going with San Diego Comic-Con. I love to go and see friends and get cool free stuff, but the crowds and the lines for that free stuff almost suck all the fun out of the con itself for me.

And unless I feel like camping out for hours (or days) for a panel about something I’m interested in, it’s easier to get the news online from the comfort of my own desk. I mean, how soon will people be lined up for the “Firefly” reunion?

OK, enough rambling. You’re just here for the free stuff today.

Everybody knows Domo. If you say you don’t, you just think you don’t. You’ve seen the little brown guy. Hi looks like a mini Tootsie Roll with eyes, teeth and limbs.

The Japanese character doesn’t even have his own show. He’s just everywhere. I see him in stores and on the Internet all the time, but apparently he’s shown up on TV shows such as “30 Rock” and “The Big Bang Theory,” too.

At Comic-Con this weekend, Mezco is debuting a limited-edition, 6-inch Golden Domo Bobblehead at the Dark Horse booth.

Unfortunately, I don’t have one of those to give away, but Domo’s people are offering up a set of four Domo items: a Domo bookbag, belt buckle, hat and limited edition Comic-Con T-shirt.

For your chance to win, send your name and address to Use “Domo” as your subject line, and enter only once by July 20.  U.S. entries only. I don’t normally do this, but in this case, I’ll be sending the winner’s address to the PR company, who will then ship out the package. They promise not to use it for marketing or other nefarious purposes.

Good luck — and have a great time at Comic-Con or surfing for Comic-Con news. I’ll post some highlights as I see them.

Eric Henrickson is a Detroit News copy editor who has also been writing about comic books, video games and anime for The News for more than 10 years. His favorite bit of geek cred so far: appearing in an online "Star Trek" fan series.