Delilah Dirk meets Mr. Selim, her interrogator, in "Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant." (FirstSecond)

Women of action are great fun in 'Delilah Dirk' and 'Adele Blanc-Sec'

Today we take a quick look at two dashing women: Delilah Dirk and Adele Blanc-Sec. Both are strong and adventurous, and both have new projects worth seeking out. My favorite of the two is “Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant,” the full-length print debut of Tony Cliff, out this month from First Second. “Delilah Dirk” … Continue Reading →


Review: 'Captain Caveman' still good for some prehistoric laughs

“Captain CaaaavemaaaAAaaaAAAaaaAAAn!” It’s a cry that still resonates deeply with this Gen-Xer. Captain Caveman is in the upper echelon of Hanna-Barbera goodness (for me, anyway), right up there with Scooby-Doo and Dynomutt. And with the recent release of “Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels: The Complete Series (1977-80),” Warner Archive had me ready to pour … Continue Reading →


Disney greats and almost-greats make it to Blu-ray

This is a great summer for fans of Disney’s classic and neoclassic animation, as several titles have made their Blu-ray debuts. In June, we got “Emperor’s New Groove,” “Lilo & Stitch” and “Atlantis: The Lost Empire,” all paired with their direct-to-video sequels. This week, it’s “The Sword in the Stone,” “Robin Hood” and “Oliver & … Continue Reading →

Victuals is not himself in "reMIND." (Jason Brubaker)

Review: 'reMIND' graphic novels an all-ages delight

Jason Brubaker had me at “talking cat.” But he hooked me when he started his story on my birthday. And threw in lizard people, great characters and gorgeous artwork. It all comes together in “reMIND,” Brubaker’s two-volume, hardcover opus, a Kickstarter success story self-published through his Coffee Table Comics. The second volume came out a … Continue Reading →