Review: Totally insaney over 'Animaniacs' vol. 4

It’s time for more “Animaniacs” — finally! They’re sill zany to the max on this three-disc collection that gives us the remaining episodes from one of the greatest cartoon series ever made. It’s a perfect mix of humor, heart, music, slapstick, frivolity, character, “did she really just say that?” madness, and it was a real … Continue Reading →


Faboo! Final 'Animaniacs,' 'Wolf Children,' 'Lego Batman' coming to DVD; more Marvel on Disney XD

UPDATE: Added Warner Bros. movies! I don’t usually post a lot about new acquisitions and announcements of upcoming DVD/Blu-rays — mainly because I just get so many of them. But a few have crossed my desk in the last couple days that I feel deserve some special attention because of the awesomeness involved with the … Continue Reading →