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Review: 'Dark Crystal' continues to inspire; 'Pantalones, TX' is silly fun

“The Dark Crystal” is one of those movies I can watch over and over. It’s just so beautifully done, it feels breathtaking every time I watch it. I vaguely remember reading the novelization of the movie and being fascinated with the background the novel provided. Tokyopop’s manga-fication several years ago was interesting but not the … Continue Reading →

'Tale of Sand,' 'Storyteller' and 'Dark Crystal' graphic novels carry on Henson's work

Well, today’s the day Archaia starts giving us a great Christmas gift — three new works inspired by Jim Henson. There are two titles this week, “The Storyteller” and “Tale of Sand.” Next week will see a “Dark Crystal” prequel. The crown jewel and most hyped is “Tale of Sand,” a graphic novel based on … Continue Reading →

Be thankful for the inner child the Muppets and Jim Henson bring out

Though Jim Henson died several years ago, his legacy lives on, and on this Thanksgiving, that’s what the geek is me is thankful for. The splashiest part of that, of course, is “The Muppets,” now showing at movie theaters. While I did have some issues with it, I can say it’s a hoot, and everyone … Continue Reading →