A fan-made wallpaper for Black Mesa Source

Review: 'Black Mesa' is a masterful update of a seminal classic

Seven years in the making, this is a top-to-bottom remake of the original, classic Half-Life game with new high-definition textures, new sound effects, new voice-acting, new music, all while being mostly faithful to the original level designs. I say mostly faithful because there are a few redesigns that have been implemented to help guide players … Continue Reading →

GLaDOSiri: This was a triumph...

I hadn’t planned on buying an iPhone 4S, but if GlaDOS comes as part of the package, I’ll probably be spending that $500. I mean, who doesn’t want everyone’s favorite malevolent computer being snarky on their phone? Yes, it’s a clever mashup of the new technology showcased in Apple’s recent iPhone event and the character … Continue Reading →

Portal: No Escape

Dan Trachtenberg, a director of commercials for Lexus, Coca Cola, Nike and others, has pulled something similar to what fellow commercial director Neill Blomkamp did with his short films Tetra Vaal and Alive in Joburg (which was then expanded into the excellent District 9). Trachtenberg, however, has focused on what is arguably one of the … Continue Reading →