The Easter Bunny, Sandman, Santa Claus and Tooth Fairy welcome Jack Frost into the fold. (Paramount)

Review: 'Rise of the Guardians' is an underrated delight

It’s a pity that if a CGI animated movie doesn’t have the Pixar name or a bunch of annoying talking animals, it’s almost destined to fall behind at the box office. Such was the case with last year’s “Rise of the Guardians,” which comes from the mind of awesome children’s book author William Joyce, who … Continue Reading →

"Encounter at Farpoint" -- before and after (Paramount)

Review: Digitally restored 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' is a big improvement

Twenty-five years after debuting in syndication, “Star Trek: The Next Generation” is looking spiffier than ever in its new Blu-ray incarnation. After watching the big-screen presentations of the first season episodes “Datalore” and “Where No One Has Gone Before,” I was excited to finally get my PS3 back from the repair place late last week … Continue Reading →


Giveaway: Win 'Star Trek: The Next Generation -- The First Season' Blu-ray

Wanna make things interesting at a party full of geeks? Just ask, “Kirk or Picard?” — and step away. After giving the digital restoration treatment to the original “Star Trek,” Paramount is now releasing its amped up version of “The Next Generation” on Blu-ray, starting with Season One on Tuesday. To celebrate, there will also … Continue Reading →


Paramount announces Sept. 18 release date for 'Indiana Jones' Blu-rays

Paramount made it official today and announced a release date for it’s big “Indiana Jones” Blu-ray set. The digitally restored movies will make their debut Sept. 18 from Lucasfilm and Paramount. All four “Indy” movies will be in the set: “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom,” “Indiana Jones and … Continue Reading →


'Star Trek: The Next Generation' returns to the big screen -- sort of

Following the trend of big events playing in movie theaters, Paramount is going big screen with an anniversary event for “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” The first season Blu-ray will be out July 24, and at 7 p.m. July 23, Fathom Events will present two episodes in move theaters, plus some behind-the-scenes interviews on the … Continue Reading →

Win 'Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Next Level'

On Wednesday, I took a look at Paramount’s spiffed up release of “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” The studio released a teaser Blu-ray with 1080p, 7.1 sound versions of the pilot episode and two “fan favorites.” It’s a nice little set, and, as promised, I’ve got a copy to give away. For your chance to … Continue Reading →


Spiffed up 'Star Trek: TNG' will please longtime fans

Fans of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” have a lot to look forward to as Paramount delves back into its film vaults and upgrades every episode from the show’s seven seasons for release on Blu-ray and high-def cable outlets. It’s a 25th birthday present to fans that comes later this year. But this week, Paramount … Continue Reading →