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Giveaway: Win 'Batman: Death of the Family' book and Joker mask

So for my first giveaway in ages, I have what should be a sure winner: the “Batman: Death of the Family” book and Joker mask set from DC Comics. Everybody loves Batman, right? I mean, of all the DC Comics solicitations for January, 16 are “Batman” books. Wowsers! So this set should be high on … Continue Reading →


Review: Dueling JLA movies

“Justice League: War” is the latest in DC’s line of PG-13 animated movies. It’s OK, but between this and “The Flashpoint Paradox,” the series feels like it’s coasting. “JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time,” however, is the type of movie DC should be doing more of: a movie that’s appropriate for kids to watch that can … Continue Reading →


'60s 'Batman' TV series finally coming to home video

Holy delayed gratification, Batman! After lots of legal wrangling and rights untangling, Warner Bros. has finally announced that it is releasing the “Batman” live-action TV series, which ran from 1966-68, as a complete box set later in 2014. And that’s all they’ve announced. “More information to come,” the PR guy says in the minimalist press … Continue Reading →

A boy tries to help a penguin he this is lost in "Lost and Found." (Entertainment One)

Three gems (some more polished than others) for the kids

The popular lament about adult-themed entertainment is “Think of the children!” So today, I’m thinking of the children with three quick looks at some recently released DVDs. The first isn’t particularly geeky, I admit, but it was too cute to pass up. “Lost and Found” (Entertainment One): I’m a sucker for penguins, so when this … Continue Reading →


More great animation coming to DFT

The Detroit Film Theatre has announced the next few months’ worth of programming, and it’s a veritable smorgasbord for geeks, especially animation fans. “Watch Me Move: The Animation Show,” a big exhibit on the history of animation, opens Oct. 6, and the DFT has a bunch of stuff planned to go with it. Besides several … Continue Reading →

Henry Cavill dons the newest version of the iconic tights in "Man of Steel." (Warner Bros.)

Giveaway: Win Superman prize pack (and read my mini review)

It’s summer, so that means a new geeky movie every week, it seems. This week, that would be “Man of Steel,” and in honor of  the movie (and Superman’s 75th birthday this year), I’ve got a Superman book bundle to give away with all sorts of cool stuff. But first, the movie. I went with … Continue Reading →


Review: New Scooby-Doo is silly fun for Blue Falcon fans

Scooby-Doo and Blue Falcon? I’m so there! I loved both as a kid, so I couldn’t resist the latest direct-to-video “Scooby-Doo! Mask of the Blue Falcon,” which came out last week. Most of these are fairly mediocre and, truth be told, this one isn’t much different. But it’s so imbued with nostalgia, adult fans can … Continue Reading →


Review: Totally insaney over 'Animaniacs' vol. 4

It’s time for more “Animaniacs” — finally! They’re sill zany to the max on this three-disc collection that gives us the remaining episodes from one of the greatest cartoon series ever made. It’s a perfect mix of humor, heart, music, slapstick, frivolity, character, “did she really just say that?” madness, and it was a real … Continue Reading →