William Shatner

William Shatner appeared at last year's Oscars. (Getty Images)

Giveaway: Win 3 'Trek' books in William Shatner's honor

In honor of William Shatner being announced this week as a big-name guest at May’s Motor City Comic Con, I’ll do a “Star Trek” giveaway this week. Shatner (the original Captain Kirk, just in case you didn’t know) isn’t the only “Trek” guest announced for the May 16-18 event at the Suburban Collection Showplace in … Continue Reading →

Review: Shatner's 'The Captains' goes more boldly than you might expect

O Captain! My Captain! Whoever your captain is, at least in the TV and movie “Star Trek” universe, he or she is on here in the surprisingly insightful documentary by William Shatner, who travels all over the place for interviews with those iconic figures. Starting with “The Next Generation’s” Patrick Stewart, he goes on to … Continue Reading →