3DS ambassador games delayed?

The second set of ten games that were supposed to be released free to early adopters of the 3D handheld unit may have been delayed. According to the Spanish Nintendo 3DS Ambassador page, the titles will be available “next year”. While this isn’t surprising, considering that Nintendo has been silent on the release of the … Continue Reading →

First batch of 3DS 'Ambassador' games available

As mentioned previously, Nintendo made moves to placate those early-adopters who bought one of the 3DS handheld units at the original price of $250. If you had purchased one of the units at that price, and had accessed the online eShop prior to Aug. 12, you would be able to download a total of 20 … Continue Reading →

Review: 'Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D' - Beautiful update that keeps the core gameplay intact.

After 13 years, the classic Ocarina of Time makes its way to the 3DS; it’s been worth the wait. The game’s graphics have received a complete overhaul, and the once-flat world of Hyrule now jumps to life. The visuals are, in a word, incredible. However, with the graphics receiving such a beautiful treatment, I am … Continue Reading →