Dobel Street | Metro Detroit

Still going strong

Shortly after the “rebirth” barbecue at Fletcher Field in September 2007, a good friend of mine — and the man who took to the pictures for the audio slideshow that sparked the whole project — wondered out loud.

“What will the park look like in a year?” Tom Gromak questioned. “Will this be sustainable?”

Despite the early energy and optimism, I think we all felt the same way. It’s easy enough to have a park cleanup — even when the park has completely gone back to nature — but maintaining a 6-acre facility for the foreseeable future isn’t easy.

Well, I’m happy to report — thanks to countless individuals, non-profits, churches, organizations, businesses, corporations, the City of Detroit and whole lot of heart — Fletcher Field looks great now and its future is bright.

More than five years since our initial meeting about fixing the park, about two dozen of us gathered last night to plot our 2013 plans for Fletcher Field.

I’ll unveil more in the coming days, weeks and months, but I will tell you that some astounding things are on the horizon.

For starters, please mark May 18 (10:30 a.m.) on your calendar for the spring cleanup at the park. The date is tentative for now because, well, the biggest and best surprise of all could cause us to adjust the date slightly.

Stay tuned!