Dobel Street | Metro Detroit

Captain Edith update

Captain Edith Floyd is making progress and hopes to be out of the hospital by week’s end.

I’m told the breathing tube has been removed and she was talkative today, albeit in a whisper because her throat is so sore.

Edith’s current condition is a far cry from what I witnessed during a Sunday evening visit with her. Although she opened her eyes, squeezed my hand and seemed to understand what I was saying, she couldn’t breathe on her own and had an awful, scary cough.

From what we’ve been able to gather, Edith in late February went in for an out-patient goiter procedure, which went horribly wrong. She was rushed to St. John and underwent emergency surgery. An inordinate amount of swelling in her neck, which baffled the doctors, caused further complications.

But it looks like she’s out of the woods now and will be back in her beautiful garden very soon.